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Luscious Baking Pantry Essentials

Luscious Baking Pantry Essentials

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Imagine giving a gift that seems to keep on giving. By baking with only the best spices and oils we can only imagine what our baked creations will taste like. That's right, all those luscious creations!


Our favorite baking selctions of olive oil and vinegar presented in our 2 pack sampler gift pack

Vanilla Extract




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Tasting notes nutmeg: Tobacco, Menthol, Sweet Potoe, Molasses. Grown in : Anamalai, Tamil Nau, Ingredients: 100% Whole Unshelled Nutmeg

Tasting notes cloves: Pine, Butterscotch, Hanna, Allspice. Grown in: Digana, Sri Lanka, Ingredients: 100% Whole Cloves

Tasting notes cinnamon: Whiskey, Honey, Orange Blossom, Vetivier. Grown in: Kendy, Sri Lanka, Ingredients: 100% Powdered Cinnamon Verum

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