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Delectable Pantry Staples

Delectable Pantry Staples

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Gift the magic of delectable selections of pantry staples! Our 2 pack jute bag sampler sets come with our top selling olive oil and balsamic pairing, only the best for you. Then pair this with Diasporas hand selected spices: coriander, pepper, turmeric, and chili.


2 pack jute sampler pack

Diaspora coriander

Diaspora Arany pepper

Diaspora turmeric

Diaspora Guntur Annam Chilli

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Tasting notes for Corriander: lemony, floral, nutty  fressh linens. Grown in Shedubhar, Gujarat. ingredients 100% whole coriander seeds. 

Tasting notes Turmeric: Marigod, orange, sunshine, honey. Grown in Kankipadu, Andhra Pradesh. Ingredients: 100% Powered Turmeric

Tasting notes Aranya Pepper:fig, citrus, jam, nutmet. Grown in: Thiruenelly, Kerala. Ingredients: 100% Whole peppercorn

Tasting notes Guntur Annam Chilli: Macadamia, Sumac, Lemon, Tomato. Grown in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Ingredients: 80% Guntur Sannam Chillies 10% Sesame Oil, 10% Rock Salt



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