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Thick and black, the rich essence of balsamic vinegar brings excitement to salads, meats, and vegetables. Our Aged Balsamic Vinegar comes from the juice of the Trebbiano grape cultivated on the mountainsides of Modena, Italy. This is our only non-Californian vinegar. Nearly a quarter century of aging transforms this vinegar into thick and syrupy magic. Add to reduction sauces, brush on pork tenderloin, pour over poached pears — or even ice cream! Its uses are only limited by the imagination.


Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar starts with fresh blackberries grown on the organic farm of Chaparral Gardens in Atascadero. This is a true California balsamic. This modern-day balsamic vinegar has a rich smooth finish. Great on salads of any kind. Make sweet reductions for ice cream or fruit. Wonderful on any game. Enjoy!

Champagne Mimosa

Our Champagne Mimosa Vinegar starts with ripe juicy citrus re-fermented in a champagne vinegar base . This is a true “California Champagne” vinegar. A nice citrus flavor makes this vinegar perfect on seafood; marinate Dungeness crab, or shrimp on the grill. Marinade squash and bake for a nice treat . Great with salad and fruit.

Fuzzy Navel Peach

Fuzzy Navel Peach Vinegar starts with fresh hand picked peaches grown on Chaparral Gardens organic farm. This is our lightest vinegar. Make a reduction with this one and drizzle over BBQ peach halves. Also great on fruit salads, ice cream, steamed veggies or as a marinade on pork and chicken. This is pure summer in a bottle. Enjoy

Kaffir Lime

Our Kaffir Lime Vinegar is an essential for Asian cooking. Tom Yum, curries, and fish dishes will sing with a sprinkle of this flavor. This vinegar makes it easy for you to spread your culinary skills to another continent. Enjoy!

Mission Fig

Newest in the line up! After some urging, Craig Clark of Chaparral Gardens finally found fruit to his liking, and agreed to make a fig vinegar for us. Starting with balsamic vinegar from Central California, loads of fresh fresh fig fruit is added, then 5 months in the vat, more than a bit of Craig’s magic, and finally, a jammy, rich vinegar. Great harmony, rich and full of fig flavor, our Fig Balsamic Vinegar is not too sweet and not too tart. Sure to be a favorite at dinner parties. Uses? Just go for it. Perfect for salads, drizzle over pears, just think of the possibilities!

Ole Mole

Our Ole’ Mole Balsamic is made with all the traditional spices, herbs, and peppers of Mexico. This unique balsamic will add zest to your taco and chicken salads. Try marinating pork, beef, or chicken in this wonderfully complex combination of cocoa and smoked peppers. Grown, picked, and produced by the nice folks at Chaparral Gardens on California’s beautiful Central Coast.

Pacific Spice

Pacific Spice Vinegar starts with handpicked organic kiwis grown on an organic farm next to Chaparral Gardens in Atascadero. The spice comes from special chilies grown at Chaparral Garden. This has a nice citrus flavor up front with some chili pepper heat on the back end. Great on Asian noodles. Marinade chicken or pork. Great dressing on grilled chicken salads. Wonderful on Ceviche.

Plum Basil

Unique is the word. Chaparral Gardens in Atascadero has chosen us as the first to offer this delicious product. This Plum Basil Balsamic Reserve starts with their own fresh Santa Rosa Plums along with opal basil and sweet Italian basil. This balsamic has deep rich flavor that will make any dish gourmet. Perfect for Caprese salad. Pairs very well with pork and makes a great reduction sauce. Fantastic on salmon, reduce with equal parts of red wine and a little maple syrup, and what a glaze! Great on salmon or pork.


Freshly sourced red pomegranates produce this amazing vinegar. It is bursting with luscious pomegranate flavor and will be a hit with any salads. Mixed with our lemon or lime oil, a dressing to be experienced! Try one tbsp. in a glass of cold sparkling water for a refreshing, delicious, and guilt free drink. Great also for grilled salmon or chicken. Full of health maintaining antioxidants, this vinegar is made with whole fruit, not just pomegranate concentrate mixed in with vinegar, as with most products.


Basil Our Raspberry Basil Vinegar starts with handpicked raspberries and fresh basil grown on Chaparral Gardens organic farm. Always great on a salad and excellent on Caprese. Use as a marinade on chicken or a slow reduction over Brie cheese. Raspberry Basil has become one of our best sellers! Also, try it in cold sparkling water for the perfect, healthy refresher —one or two tbsp., according to taste, to an eight ounce glass of chilled sparkling water, nothing could be better–or healthier.

Tuscan Melody

This is another creation from Craig Clark, Chaparral gardens, Atascadero, CA. Made from fresh oregano and blackberries grown on his farm. This is a salad dressing all in one. Try as a savory sweet reduction on your favorite meat. It is exquisite over tomatoes, or on Caprese salad. It has become one of our favorites!