Bineshii Gourmet Wild Rice


Product Description

Bineshii, canoe gathered, Wild Rise, from the Leech Lake band of Ojibway in northern Minnesota. Although not a true rice, but a water grass, Bineshii wild rice is the authentic, hand harvested, wood fire parched rice straight from the pure, cold, wild lakes and rivers of the reservation. This is hands down the best rice you will ever taste and the Quail & Olive is the only place in California to have it. This is not even close to the commercial “paddy rice”, the shiny, all black stuff that passes off for true wild rice. The nutritional content is far superior to white and even brown rice, and cooks in only 15-20 minutes, and the taste – no contest. I was public health officer on the reservation for four years, and allowed to go out ricing with the tribe and have since kept my contacts back there. Ricing season is in September, so here it is. Enjoy a totally natural product, hand harvested without processing, and unchanged over at least two thousand years.