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Extra Virgin Olive Oils Descriptions

Extra Virgin Olive Oils – 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (medium robust) The Ascolano is a central Italian varietal, grown and produced by Wild Groves in Newcastle, CA. This oil won gold medal in 2018 Best in Class at the LA County Fair. It is certified by COOC and categorized as medium robust oil. Tasting notes are tropical and fruity with hints of peach, mango and apricot, a well balanced fruity flavor with medium intensity and a mild pepper finish. Drizzle it over linguini, bruschetta, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled fish, steamed vegetables; or serve with your favorite bread. ​Harvest November 2018​.

Ascolano & Piqual Blend

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (medium) This is a fantastic finishing oil, however it can also be used in tomato salad, over chicken, fish and meats. This blend consists of 70% Ascolano and 30% Piqual. Ascolano tends to be a delicate oil, very fruity with undertones of tropical fruit. Piqual is a medium intensity fruity oil with scents and tastes of green tomato. So the next time you are fixing a tomato burrata salad, white beal salad, couscous dish, Greek or Italian inspired dish, think no further for this is your perfect oil! Harvest November 2018


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (robust) The koroneiki is a robust olive fruit, originally hailing from Greece. It has a fruity nose and a strong, peppery finish, characterized by aromas of fresh grass and artichokes. The aromatic flavor elicits words like herbaceous, green tea, fruity and ripe banana. This olive has a very high level of polyphenols (responsible for the “scratch” in the back of the throat), the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Great as a finishing oil on pastas, grilled meats and veggies. Mix with fresh dill, tarragon and ground white pepper and top over grilled salmon. Harvest November 2018.

Manager’s Blend

of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (light) Manager’s Blend is a favorite of Deb, our store manager par excellence. This is a light blend, good as a “cross over” oil for salads, dipping, or drizzling on pastas, vegetables and meats. It is equal blend of Arbequina ( a Spanish varietal which is light and fruity), Arbosana ( another Spanish varietal, very fruit), and Koroneiki ( Greek varietal that adds pepper and astringency). All oils are California Central Valley Oils, harvested late October – November 2018.

Doctor’s Blend

This blend, originally crafted by Doc Brabeck, is made to take advantage of the naturally high polyphenol levels found in Koroneiki and Coratina, ( Greek and Italian varietals respectively). The blend is then softened and rounded with addition of Arbosana, a Spanish varietal known for its fruity character. The result, a delicious extremely healthy robust oil. Great for finishing over meats, vegetables pasta, breads, but also tame enough for salads. Truly, a match made in heaven. Salute! Harvest October- November 2018

Tuscan Blend

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (robust) This olive oil has a robust flavor that is nutty, fruity, and buttery with a peppery finish. It is perfect for grilling red meats and marinating a good white fish. Drizzle it over steamed vegetables and pasta or just use it for dipping your favorite Italian bread. Harvest Oct. 2018.

Sicilian Blend

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (medium robust) This is one fantastic oil. It comes from Bondolio Farms, in the heart of the Sacramento valley. Three Sicilian varietals, Nocellara, Biancollila and Cerasuola are blended to produce an oil of an aristocratic pedigree. This oil is robustly structured and extremely well balanced. An elegant, unique California extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle it over your pizza, pasta, use in a chicken stew, grilled fish. Excellent finishing oil. Won Best of Show for COOC competition 2018. Harvest Nov 2018.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Taggiasca olive originally hails from the Liguria region in Italy. This oil has a fairly delicate taste containing hints of almond, artichoke and cinnamon. It can enhance the flavor of lighter foods such as seafood or vegetables, without overpowering their taste while adding a hint of butter and warm spice. Harvest November 2018


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (light) This rare hybrid varietal is a relative newcomer to the world of EVOO. It was developed in Spain, and is a cross between the extremely popular mild Arbequina and robust Piqual olives. Our Chiquitita EVOO is well balanced and has an elegand and mild floral aroma and flavor profile featuring subtle almond and olive fruit notes. Chiquitita is a mild EVOO with a sweet finish and is well suited to be used in salads, vegetables, mild meats and seafood. Harvest November 2018

Co-Pressed Flavored Olive Oils

Co-pressed Oil: at the time of the milling the grower takes the olives and the herbs, citrus, pepper, garlic and mills it with the olives at the same time. There is no infusion or essence. Infused oils start with at degraded oil, one that has been heated, sometimes the infused oils are not even olive oil. These oils are healthy and flavorful. Enjoy!


Co-milled Basil Olive Oil: Crisp basil is pressed with just-harvested olives, crafting a blend fragrant with herbal aromas and bursting with basil flavor. California Basil Extra Virgin olive oil is simply heavenly for bread dipping, sandwich spreads, tossed salads with balsamic vinegar, and drizzled over pasta primavera. If you love pesto and the rich flavor of basil, you’ll really want to try this! Harvest Nov 2018

Blood Orange

Fresh blood oranges are pressed with Mission and Manzanillo olives the day of olive harvest producing this fantastic oil with a delicate hint of raspberries. Slash over deli-roasted chicken to liven up the flavors. Perfect drizzled over fall vegetables, roasted duck or chops and wild rice. Beautiful with blue cheese and butter lettuce, and makes killer chocolate brownies. Harvest Late November 2018


Now this is spicy! Hot, but not overwhelming, this is for serious hot pepper fans who want the true flavor of Habañero peppers with balanced heat. Only the ripest Habañero peppers, meticulously selected and picked at the height of flavor, are fresh pressed with ripe California olives to create a bold flavor that is absolutely superb drizzled over baked fish, herb-crusted chicken or al dente pasta. Use as a dipping oil for fresh-baked focaccia bread. Harvest Nov 2018


Spicy and scrumptious! We’ve captured all the hot peppery zing of crisp Jalapeños, picked at their fullest flavor, and pressed with perfectly ripened olives to craft an olive oil that’s the very essence of Jalapeño taste. Mildly spicy, our Jalapeño olive oil is superb drizzled over steamed or sautéed asparagus, for Chinese stir fry, and to add zest to tacos and guacamole. Or substitute for butter to fry eggs for great Huevos Rancheros or drizzled on popcorn with sea salt for a spicy snack. Harvest Nov 2018


Only the ripest and most flavorful lemons are chosen for this Lemon olive oil. The lemons are pressed with the olives during milling process. 100% Meyer lemons are milled with sun-ripened olives to craft a palate-pleasing olive oil that livens up the taste of any fish, chicken or vegetable dish. Use to sauté asparagus, drizzle over broccoli, and sear fish or chicken. Harvest/pressed Nov 2018


Plump, ripe limes are pressed and milled together with fresh-harvested olives to create a delectable oil that perfectly balances the lime’s tangy tartness with rich olive flavors. Use it to enhance herb crusted fish and grilled or roasted chicken or to jazz up salsa and guacamole. Harvest/pressed Nov 2018


The ripest and most flavorful Minneola Tangerines are chosen for this Tangerine olive oil. The tangerines are used to marry a sweet citrus taste to the sun-ripened olives, crafting a palate pleasing olive oil that will liven the taste of fish, pork, chicken, vegetable, salads and baked goods. By substituting this oil in your brownie recipe, your dessert will be unforgettable. Our favorite salad dressing/marinade with this beauty happens to be when paired with our Pommegrante or Ole Mole vinegars. Harvest November 2018


Crisp basil, fragrant oregano, rosemary and Gilroy garlic where pressed with freshly harvested olives, crafting a fragrant blend with herbal aromas and bursting with Mediterranean flavor. This oil is simply heavenly for bread dipping, sandwich spreads, tossed salads and summer barbecuing. If you love entertaining, you’ll really want to try this! It will be your go to for a quick splash of flavor. Harvest Nov 2018

Roasted Garlic

For those who enjoy the spicy yet slightly sweet flavor of crushed garlic, this is the oil for you. Plump, roasted garlic cloves are pressed with newly ripened California Olives to create the perfect flavor fusion of garlic and delicate olive oil. Garlic Olive Oil is delicious for bread, and creates mouth watering sandwich spreads and spicy marinades. Harvest late October 2018


Take aromatic fresh rosemary, press it with just-harvested California olives and you get a rich, flavorful Rosemary olive oil that is simply exceptional. This incredibly versatile oil will liven up any dish such as sautéed beef or chicken, and dramatically improves the flavor of marinades. Pamper your palate by using this oil to coat potatoes or bread before baking! Harvest Nov 2018