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Use your 15% Covey Club Discount online!

Did you know you could take advantage of your 15% Covey Club discount for online orders as well as in-store purchases? All you need to do is register for a website account and enter the promo code ‘coveyclub’ at checkout. Full details below!

  • If yes, simply go to the online store, login during checkout and use coupon code COVEYCLUB.
  • If no, simply go to the online store, create an account during checkout and then use coupon code COVEYCLUB. Or, you can register now.
  • If you aren’t sure whether you have an account, feel free to contact us or try resetting your password. If you do NOT receive an email when trying to reset your password, that means you do not have an account. In that case, see above for instructions on how to register.  If you do receive an email, click the link to reset your password and then login.